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1031 Resources

This comprehensive guide to 1031 exchanging will cover everything you need to know to be an informed Exchanger.

If you just have a question or two check out this FAQ and you'll probably find the answer to your inquiry.

There are a handful of keys to 1031 exchanging which experienced Exchangers always heed. See them for yourself.

1031 Tools and Calculators

45/180 Day Calculator

There are two critical dates that any 1031 Exchanger should fully understand. This tool helps you calculate both those important dates.

Capital Gain Estimator

Your capital gain is determined by subtracting your cost basis from your net selling price. This estimator will help determine your gain.

ROI Calculator

As you are evaluating replacement properties you may want to compare the financial performance of one potential property against another.

Keys to 1031 Exchanging

Here are a few keys to 1031 exchanging which every experienced Exchanger knows. Understanding these keys makes for an easy exchange.

Vesting Wizard

How you hold title to your replacement property is important in a 1031 exchange. This wizard will help you avoid vesting issues.

DST Ownership Logistics

If you are planning to acquire an interest in a DST as 1031 exchange replacement property, you'll want to undertsand a few key items.

1031 Multimedia

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